On Saturday, January 26, 2019, the frantic phone calls began.  Jennifer, a beautiful and happy woman, was found dead in her home.  Suicide?  Perhaps.  We've all been in the depths of despair, but Jennifer?  It just didn't make sense. She was the strong one.  She held her family together after the unexpected death of her Father.  She encouraged her friends.  Her co-workers knew her to be funny and engaging. 
She had animals she loved and cared for.  But Jennifer was only 46, there were no obvious signs of suicide, and suddenly this began to look like a suspicious death.  All we want is Justice for Jennifer.



As friends and family began to gather and mourn her loss, questions began to surface.  Even strangers seemed to understand that something much deeper, much darker was happening in the small town. 

The whispers came with warnings to "watch your back." 

Jennifer had been dating a man who had quite the reputation in Fayette County.  A once upstanding citizen who had been elected as Justice of the Peace, but was now better known for defrauding a multistate lottery of approximately $24 million.  Accusations of womanizing, abuse of power, and spousal abuse arose.  Even darker suggestions that he seemed to be fortunate enough to receive title to properties where prior owners had  mysteriously died.  

Suddenly, the obvious suicide no longer seemed so cut and dry.  Jennifer had left no note.  She filed her taxes the same day that she supposedly took her life.  She had a wonderful, supportive family and was loved by many.  Friends and family knew she kept a key to her house in her garage.  They also knew that one special person had a key.  That person didn't open the door that fateful Saturday.  Instead, he called authorities for a well check.  Why?

The case has now been referred to the Texas Rangers due to the conflict of interest for local authorities.  In less than 90 days, autopsy results will come in and paint a clearer picture for the Ranger on the case.  We want to make sure that he as all the information that he needs to determine what happened to Jennifer.  If she took her life, we are at peace with that, but we're not convinced that is the case.  We just want the full truth of the circumstances around her sudden death to come to light.  

We know that many locals have information and are scared to come forward.  We want to collect your stories here, old and new, so that we can present them as a whole to the authorities investigating this case. 

We will post pieces of these stories in the blog to encourage others to come forward,

but we will never share your identity online.  

We need your help to bring justice for Jennifer.  Please tell us what you know by clicking on the button below. The friends and family of Jennifer (and perhaps others) thank you.



For those of you who never met Jennifer, she was one of the funniest people we knew.  She had a great wit and personality.  She was loving and compassionate.  She took care of others. Jennifer always encouraged her friends and told them to "never ever quit."  She never had children of her own, but quickly fell in love with the daughters her paramour had from a previous marriage.  She loved to travel, adored animals, and was known to be a hard worker.  She was a farm girl who also liked to dress up.  She was simply beautiful, inside and out.  We'll miss you Jennifer.



We are committed to finding the truth, whatever it may be.  But we need your help.  If you know something, anything that paints a picture of character of any of the people involved in this case, please share that here.  Your story might be 20 years old, we want to hear it.  Not sure if it's related?  Share it anyway.  We will only share your information with trusted authorities.

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