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By now, you may know who is behind this website. My name has been published in the paper. While many of you told me to be careful, I decided that coming out very publicly would be my best protection. Jennifer was my friend. I didn't see her often, but we always reconnected like we had seen each other only days before. I rarely visit my hometown anymore and as a working Mom of three, didn't get out much. She knew that I didn't approve of her relationship, so that created a rift between us.

Jennifer and I first became friends back when I was in junior high. I ran the Old Praha road almost daily and would run into her there. She was quite a long distance runner and always stopped to give me tips or encouragement. She always told me to "Never stop. Never ever stop. It's too hard to get going again if you stop." That was Jennifer. She was as real as real gets, she was strong, and she was always there for her friends.

In 1994, I was out with another friend headed to her boyfriend's house in between Flatonia and Praha, just off Highway 90, when her car stalled. We were stuck under a small bridge with a railroad track and the car just wouldn't start. It was cold and rainy and every time a train came by, it would throw rocks all over her car. We didn't know what to do. We were too far from anything to walk, we didn't have cell phones, we were young and it was pitch black. We decided to stay put until help arrived.

It was about an hour before we saw headlights. We were both terrified at first, with every horror movie replaying in our minds. We were 16 and 17 and easy targets. As the car got closer, we were relieved that it was a patrol car. My friend recognized the officer, I had never heard his name. He rolled down his window and asked if we had broken down. We said that we had. He asked us if we needed a ride. My first thought was that we needed to move her car first, but I was cold and scared and wanted to go home. We said that we did.

He let us know that we would need to perform oral sex for him if we wanted a ride to town. It took me a few seconds to respond, as I honestly thought he had to be joking. He wasn't. I informed him that "that wont be happening in this lifetime." So he calmly turned forward, slowly rolled up his window, and drove off. He never called anyone on our behalf. We were there a couple more hours before our friends retraced our steps and came to our rescue.

At 16, I recognized this for the evil that it was. This man, who was sworn to "protect and serve" was only serving himself. To this day, I regret not coming forward immediately. I look back now and know that I didn't for a couple of reasons. I had been exposed to a lot of inappropriate things by that time. I didn't have anyone in my family that I could talk to, and I just wanted to graduate and get the hell out of that town. So that's what I did.

I did come forward years later when he was running for office, but that's another blog post. I'm sharing this with you all today to let you know some of the history of why I got involved and to encourage you to come forward if you also experienced something along these lines. I find it hard to believe that my friend and I were the only ones who saw that side of him. Our objective is not to rehash any of your painful memories. Rather, we want to paint a full picture of his character for the authorities who are investigating this case and others. We hope to also protect others who might get in his way. We have received enough information to now believe that he has continually abused his power to take advantage of people, from Texas City to Flatonia. That's why I put this site together. It started with Jennifer. It's now about stopping a bully that has terrorized a town for decades.

I have not seen his face since that night, thank God. But I never forgot his cold, cold eyes.

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